2 Girls 1 Cup (Two Girls One Cup)

2 Girls 1 Cup (Dos chicas y una copa) .Este conocido vídeo es tan solo un avance de un minuto de "Hungry Bitches", una película fetichista Norteamericana. En realidad es un vídeo viral que se convirtió en "fenómeno" en Internet entre bloggers y foreros, sobre todo por las reacciones que su contenido gráfico generaba en los espectadores que no habían visto el vídeo antes. A mediados de Octubre de 2007 la conocida página de vídeos YouTube se inundó de vídeos describiendo las reacciones de amigos y conocidos al ver el vídeo Two girls One cup por primera vez.

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You can watch the infamous and original 2 girls 1 cup movie overhere. Tell your friends about this site, perhaps they like it, most likely they'll call you a sick person. Check also the video reactions on the bottom of this website.

2 girls 1 cup is the name of the trailer released in 2007 for the movie Hungry Bitches (NSFW obviously). Although the trailer contained very graphic footage, it became viral worldwide, a so called meme. Several parodies were made or variations like 2 girls 1 finger, but the most popular was to film yourself while watching 2girls1cup and put it on youtube. And even in 2012 2 girls 1 cup is still hot.

What is 2girls1cup?
2 girls 1 cup is name of the trailer of a so called scat movie, this short trailer starts with two girls kissing each other and after that it becomes nastier and nastier including vomit and poop.
The trailer went viral, and specially filming yourself while watching 2 girls 1 cup was very popular, and is still popular. Some 2 girls 1 cup reactions do have million of views.
Most reactions do have the same structure, specially the guys are getting excited when they see the girls kissing, a few seconds later they are screaming and trying to be tough at the same time.

You can say that 2 girls 1 cup is one of the biggest memes from the past years, and even now thousands of people from over the world are looking for this dirty movie, just out of curiousity or they are link tricked.

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